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To my Grandma

October 11, 2018
By Anonymous

If I could have a wish come true,

A dream that’d come to pass,

I’d ask to spend a day with you,

And pray that it would last,

I’d run to you and hold you close,

We’d laugh and smile again,

I’d listen so intently,

As you told me how you’ve been.

When time was up I’d hold you close

Not wanting to let go

You’d smile and tell me, ‘see you soon’

And somehow I would know

That your time has come to let go

While it’s very hard to wait,

One day the time will come,

When heaven has called my name,

I’ll join you there forevermore,

When I too am brought Home

My wish may go ungranted

But it always will be true…

I’d trade any of my tomorrows

For one yesterday with you

The author's comments:

Dedication poem to my Grandma 

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on Nov. 1 at 11:38 am
Ojaswi_selcouth BRONZE, Bhilai, Other
3 articles 0 photos 1 comment

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Being yourself isn't permission to be a terrible person

I have really special bond with my nani(grandmother) but there are times when I fear
Fear being alone
Fear her absence
Fear the future
I want the time to stop
She lets my tears drop
And then my life is cropped
To magnify the beautiful being in it. Her. The angel she is.
She kisses my the unevaporated moisture that once were a river
With her chapped lips as they quiver.
I love her.
She is the meaning of love. I hope we never grow old

sasaga7 SILVER said...
on Jul. 14 at 10:08 am
sasaga7 SILVER, Parsippany, New Jersey
7 articles 0 photos 4 comments

Favorite Quote:
If people are doubting how far you can go, go so far that you can't hear them anymore.

This was so well-written and touching. I really felt the emotion behind each word. I lost both my grandparents a few years ago. I was just thinking about them yesterday. It is hard. They might not physically be with us, but they live in our memories and in our hearts. Wherever your grandma is, she is proud of you and she would be so happy to know that she has a grandchild who loves her.

jbradle21 said...
on Jun. 14 at 2:05 pm
jbradle21, Budd Lake, New Jersey
0 articles 0 photos 2 comments
Very heartfelt and well written!

on Apr. 5 at 2:04 am
CJ-The-Tall-Poet PLATINUM, San Diego, California
20 articles 3 photos 6 comments

Favorite Quote:
If you want to date people, go to college. If you want an education, go to the library. - Frank Zappa

I need to check on my grandma after reading your poem. Great Job! :)

tabbyahlren7 said...
on Mar. 10 at 9:58 am
tabbyahlren7, Winslow, Maine
0 articles 0 photos 1 comment

Favorite Quote:
"You'll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut."

<3 love this hope you are doing well

PC2021 said...
on Mar. 9 at 9:49 pm
PC2021, Apex, North Carolina
0 articles 0 photos 1 comment
This poem is very touching.

mama1960 said...
on Mar. 9 at 8:43 am
mama1960, New Bethlem, Pennsylvania
0 articles 0 photos 1 comment
i am crying so hard i lost my grandma 3 munths ago

WowWow444 said...
on Mar. 4 at 7:41 am
WowWow444, London, Other
0 articles 0 photos 1 comment
This poem is so beautiful it gave me goosebumps.

on Jan. 27 at 11:19 pm
maxbriar11 BRONZE, Centralia, Washington
1 article 0 photos 1 comment

Favorite Quote:
‘In the end, we all become stories.’ -Margaret Atwood

My grandma is moving back to Africa in a few days and this hit hard...

AliceCullen said...
on Nov. 19 2020 at 8:26 am
AliceCullen, Sarasota, Florida
0 articles 0 photos 5 comments

Favorite Quote:
Live each day as if it were your last.

This is such a beautiful poem. Your Grandma is such a lucky lady to have you as a grandchild.

on Nov. 5 2020 at 8:38 pm
Its_just_me_ BRONZE, Forest Park, Illinois
2 articles 0 photos 1 comment
I recently just lost my grandma, this poem is beautiful it brought me to tears. This poem you can feel your emotion this is a really great, strong poem.

Vulture1102 said...
on Oct. 25 2020 at 11:55 pm
Vulture1102, Arlington, Texas
0 articles 0 photos 10 comments

Favorite Quote:
Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right-Henry Ford

I’m so sorry. I hope that your grandma is happy and reads this poem and agrees with all the beautiful things you said.

Chantal2021 said...
on Oct. 21 2020 at 7:48 pm
Chantal2021, Ewing, New Jersey
0 articles 0 photos 17 comments
I love the rhyming of this poem. It makes me miss my Grandpa, but I know he is even watching over us. Great poem.

KJ03 said...
on Oct. 15 2020 at 8:48 am
KJ03, Ewing, New Jersey
0 articles 0 photos 18 comments
This hits close to home because I have a very close relationship with my grandma, as well as one that I didn't meet. So I can definitely relate to this poem and it is great!

20240082 said...
on Oct. 15 2020 at 8:09 am
20240082, Ewing, New Jersey
0 articles 0 photos 5 comments
Beautiful poem, this relates to my close relationship with my grandma.

FaithT2020 said...
on Oct. 11 2020 at 3:08 pm
FaithT2020, New Orleans, Louisiana
0 articles 0 photos 4 comments
This is sad , you know spending time with grams and just a moment of knowing that she's getting older and heaven may call for her soon . Please make sure not to take grams as a joke spend as much time with her while she's here .

Kitty1010 said...
on Sep. 5 2020 at 8:53 am
Kitty1010, Toledo, Ohio
0 articles 0 photos 1 comment

Favorite Quote:
Be brave and fearless to know that even if you do make a wrong decision, you're making it for a good decision. -Adele

This is beautiful.

Evalyse04 said...
on Apr. 30 2020 at 10:41 pm
Evalyse04, Chula Vista, California
0 articles 0 photos 1 comment

Favorite Quote:
“Libraries were full of ideas—perhaps the most dangerous and powerful of all weapons.”- Sarah J Mass

Wow, I got goosebumps reading this. Thank you for sharing this it is beautiful <3

on Jan. 18 2020 at 10:33 am
Sarahx15 PLATINUM, Brandon, South Dakota
22 articles 8 photos 27 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Someday everything will make perfect sense. So, for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason." - Art Thomas

My grandpa died about a month and a half ago, and even though it wasn't my grandma, this really hit home. It's a beautiful poem, really. My new favorite, I think.

on Jan. 12 2020 at 6:39 pm
copper_porcupine, Edmonton, Alberta
0 articles 0 photos 2 comments

Favorite Quote:
Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

"I’d trade any of my tomorrows For one yesterday with you"... this whole poem is beautiful