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Interstellar: My Favorite Scene

January 17, 2024
By Anonymous

The movie Interstellar has a special place in my heart when it comes to a beautiful story. Whenever I rewatch the movie I always find myself thinking, Of all the amazing screenwork, what is my favorite scene? After brainstorming I decided my favorite scene is when the main character, Cooper, comes back from Miller’s planet, which was close enough to the black hole that time would be faster than time on Earth. When he arrives back at the main shuttle he receives a video sent by his daughter saying she is officially the same age as her dad, and how the milestone of her being the same age as her father caused lost faith that he will be coming back. He starts-with a depressed expression on his face-sobbing due to the fact that before he left on his mission, he promised her that he would be back before they were the same age, but he knows he couldn't live up to that promise. The thing that makes this scene so powerful is the setting; the darkness of space consumes the ship, and Murph is the only thing Cooper can hear and see as his daughter tells him that she tells him how bad of a father he is for going on the mission.

The author's comments:

I wrote this peice to show my appreciation for one of my favorite movies.

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