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Is global warming really destroying our Earth?

December 2, 2019
By Manpreet123 SILVER, Sacramento, California
Manpreet123 SILVER, Sacramento, California
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A lot of people think that global warming is just like a little thing that won’t do anything to this Earth and they just ignore everything about it. However, global warming is really messing up our earth and I think it will destroy the earth one day. Global warming is like a nuclear war but a slow one. For example The study confirmed, as others have, that a warmer climate causes more rapid decomposition of the organic matter in soil, leading to an increase in carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere. This saying that global warming increasing more carbon than trees produce oxygen and by that one day we will have to buy oxygen. If people keep cutting down trees and not recycle anything then one day we will have no oxygen and everybody will die. The hurricanes, wildfires, ice melt the fastest it ever did in history why you think this happening? It’s because of global warming. 

   One of the primary manifestations of climate change so far is melt. North America, Europe and Asia have all seen a trend toward less snow cover between 1960 and 2015, according to 2016 research published in the journal current climate change report. According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, there is now 10 percent less permafrost, or permanently frozen ground in the Northern Hemisphere than there was in the early 1900s. Because of this a lot of animals become homeless and they are running out of food. Some of the example of these animals are polar bears, penguins and many more. If we don’t do anything about this thing then one day all the animals will be dead and us too. Humans will go extinct if this slow nuclear war doesn’t stop.

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This op-Ed is about how the global is a nuclear war but a slower one.

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