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crazy math teacher

January 27, 2009

Mr.Eiguren, wow! He is a?a great teacher. He is the seventh grade math teacher and by far my favorite teacher, also educator.

He deserves the prize because; he is the most gifted math teacher I have ever met. He is all honest, except when it comes to his age. He usually says that he is like twenty-three or twenty-four, but he is like thirty-six or something.

Mr.Eiguren, I believe, should really win because; he is making a living working with a bunch of seventh graders. I know that I couldn?t do that. He is not a mean, stubborn old man that likes to give us homework?well, maybe the homework, but its not that bad.

Even though he can be a little ?out of the ball park?, he is one of the most awesome people I have ever known. No doubt, he although is the dorkiest teacher in the building, he is my favorite educator.

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