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October 31, 2019
By EK BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
EK BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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     I completely agree with Braeden Kelly in his article "Video Game Loot Boxes Should Be Illegal". More than half of teens play video games and many of them spend money on it. Few games are free, and many have ingame purchases. Kelly talks about how the presence of loot boxes in video games promotes child gambling and has caused the percentage of problem gambling among children to rise. I agree that the amount of money kids spend on video games is shocking and it can lead to many problems.                                                                                   I can relate to these problems, as my brother asks to spend money on "Fortnite" for loot boxes and skins, and i believe it is a total waste as the money could be used for something else. Kelly says, "This purchase of one skin quickly turned into 81 total purchases..." Thank you, Braeden Kelly for sharing this with us, as this article can really help one uunderstand the problems that stem from loot boxes.

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