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Feedback on “When My Trust Went Up in Smoke”

October 26, 2019
By lesley0624 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
lesley0624 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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    “When My Trust Went Up in Smoke” by Sophie Cavalcanti is a powerful article that encompasses the controversial topic of vaping with unfiltered truth. Sophie tells the story of the narrator finding out about her cousin Gigi’s vape addiction. The narrator discovers Gigi’s secret and urges Gigi to stop because of the dangers of vaping. However, Gigi accuses the narrator of lying and forces her to keep it a secret. The narrator is deeply hurt and worried about her cousin, who had “succumbed to the epidemic” of vaping. 

    This piece touched my heart, especially since I know family members that smoke. The feeling of watching somebody you love cave in to addiction and ruin their own health is relatable. Cavalcanti says, “The sight that I never expected to see, and one that I had dreaded my whole life; a family member whom I loved and trusted had succumbed to the epidemic.” The narrator helplessly watches Gigi, knowing that Gigi would hate her if the narrator had tried to seek out help. Trying and failing to do what’s best for a loved one can be painful— Cavalcanti’s riveting anecdote captures this feeling.

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