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Imaginary Friend

March 18, 2021
By RyleeMitchell BRONZE, Paragould, Arkansas
RyleeMitchell BRONZE, Paragould, Arkansas
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Alice May sat talking to her best friend, Billy.  Alice May was a nine year old little girl. She was very sweet, but very shy, and afraid of most things, and had blue eyes and blond hair.  Alice May always played with Billy because she had no other friends. All the boys in school were mean to her and all the girls didn’t want to play with her, so she played with Billy.

“ Hey stop that!” she shouted at Billy

“Why should I?” He asked mockingly 

Billy was a boy who looked about 11 years old with torn overalls and a thick southern accent.  Billy had brown hair and green eyes and was very tall.  Ninety- nine years ago Billy was out in the barn  with his brother when a horrible tragedy struck.  Billy’s brother was playing on the tractor and accidently pulled the gear shifter.  The tractor started to move forward trampling over the child that stood in its path, Billy.

About that time Alice May’s mother walked into her room and Billy disappeared like he always did when someone else walked into the room.

“Who ya talking to hon?” her mother asked concerningly

“Billy.”  Alice May said.

“Of course you are dear.” Her mother said with a concerning look plastering her face.This lasted until High school, which her mother found odd, then  finally people started to talk to her, and she got her first boyfriend.  She no longer needed  the little boy who had once been her only friend, so he went away and Alice May thought that was the last time she’d ever see him, but she was wrong.

 A few years after she got married to her high school sweetheart, and Alice May Deedre became Alice May Loke and her husband’s name was Joey,  they had a baby girl named Harley, and one day while sitting in her home watching the little girl who was now almost four years old, she got a letter asking that she come home immediately her mother was very ill, she waited for her husband to get home so they could talk about what to do.

“Alice if you want to go then...we’ll go you don’t have to be alone, and Harley should meet her grandma before she passes.” He spoke softly and gently.        

“ I know it's just I don't want to have Harley witness the death of her grandma she never met.”  She spoke more firmly than her husband.

In the end Joey convinced Alice they had to go see her mother, they were packed and ready to go. They loaded the car and started driving.  The first couple hours of the drive were silent, then Harley woke up and started screaming she was hungry so they stopped and got food, they ate the rest of the way to Mrs. Deedre’s home.  When they got there the house was the same as it had always been.  Messy, and the axe they used to chop firewood was sitting on the porch.  when they got inside they couldn’t find Mrs. Deedre anywhere.

“Mother, MOTHER!” shouted Alice

“ Over here” Joey yelled in response

They found Mrs. Deedre sitting in her chair reading her book, she didn’t even notice them.

“Mom?”  Alice May said relieved 

“Oh!” she said surprised “Hello dear.  What are you doing here?”

“The doctor sent a letter, said you were sick.” 

“Hon, I haven’t been to the doctor in over a month.” Mrs. Deedre said confused

“A-are you sure I-” Alice May said concerningly

“ Yes I’m sure.” said Mrs. Deedre almost laughing

About that time Harley came running into the den asking for a bedtime story so up to bed they went.

In the morning Alice May went downstairs to check on her mother, only this time she found her mother on the floor clearly not breathing,  Alice, with tears welling in her eyes, called an ambulance for her mother even though she knew it was too late.  When the ambulance arrived Alice May told them, despite the letter, her mother had been fine the night before.  After the ambulance left Joey came downstairs to hug his wife.

“It’s okay, Alice”-he hugged her tightly-” everything will be alright” he said sweetly.

“No it won't” thought Alice.” No it won’t.”

“Mommy, why are you crying.” Asked Harley.

 Alice went over to hug her daughter, but didn’t tell her about what happened to Mrs. Deedre

Later that night, around bedtime Joey took Harley up the to her bed to go to sleep

“Daddy?” Harley asked, sounding scared. “ Can I sleep in your bed, the boy in my closets doesn’t like me.”

“Harley there's not a boy in your closet.” Joey said almost laughing

“Yes there is daddy, and he scares me.” Harley said angrily and scared.

“Okay I’ll go check and tell the boy to leave.” Joey said sarcastically 

“No, he wants Mommy to talk to him.”Harley said as serious as she could. 

“Okay then I’ll send mommy in there to tell the boy to leave your closet.” Joey said 

“Good.” Harley said, satisfied

After putting Harley in the bed, Joey walked down stairs to see how Alice was doing.  He walked over to her and hugged her and she rested her head on his shoulder.

“Do you feel better?” he asked

“Not really, Joey.”Alice May said with tears in her eyes.

“Don’t cry” he said kissing her on the cheek “It’ll be okay, okay I’m gonna head up to bed. Harley wanted you real quick, Night.” he said hugging her tightly then walking up the stairs.

“Good night” she yelled after him “love you”

After a few minutes Alice walked to the room Harley was staying in, and saw she was already asleep, so she kissed Harley’s forehead and walked to her room.

“Alice May.” A familiar voice said angrily 

Alice looked around the hallway but saw no one.

“Wh-who's there?” she said frightened

“Who do you think.” Billy said appearing right in front of her. “ You said we would be friends forever Alice May Deedre, and then you forgot about me, ME! I was there for you when no one would talk to you. I was your only friend and this is how you treat me.”

“I thought I made You up.” She said, her voice shaking 

“ Do you realize how lonely I was,” He said sadly “and now I’m going to make you lonely, I’M going to take away the people you love just like you did to me!” 

“What does that mean?” Alice said, scared of what he might do to her family.

“Billy what does that mean?” she said firmly

“You’ll find out soon enough.” Billy said laughing and disappearing like he did all those years ago.  She heard muffled screams coming from her and Joey’s room, she ran to the door.  It was locked.  

“Billy I’m sorry, please don’t do this” Alice screamed

“You should have thought of that before you forgot all about me.” He said back angrily.

Then the screaming stopped and the door opened,  Alice rushed inside the room. 

“Joey, Joey.” she cried, but no reply. “Please hon just answer me.” she was sobbing now.  Then down the hall she heard the door to Harley’s room slam shut.

“Harley!” yelled Alice terrier in her voice 

She ran down the hallway to Harley’s room and tried to open the door, but it was locked. She ran downstairs and outside and grabbed the axe that sat on the front porch and ran back inside to the door and chopped it open, and laying on the bed was Harley ,still asleep, and standing next to the bed was Billy

 “Please d-don’t hurt her, please I’m sorry for leaving you.  I-I’ll stay if you want me to It’ll be just like old times, just please don’t hurt her.” Alice said terrified for her daughter's life.

“It’s too late Alice May the damage is already done, and I want you to pay for those damages.” Billy said Angrily.

Billy then grabbed Harley and flew outside to the barn where the tractor sat.  He put her on the cold barn floor, and then went to start the tractor, but Alice May wasn’t as far behind as he thought, she ran into the barn and grabbed Harley, and took off caring her daughter like a baby. Once Billy noticed this, it was too late they were already in the car driving far away from her mother's home.  It was early in the morning when they got back to their home, Harley was still asleep, so Alice May carried her to her bedroom and laid her in her bed.  Then she heard a knock on the door.

“Hello who-”  she stopped when she saw who it was, it was Billy

“You can’t get rid of me that easily Alice May.” He said with a smile on his face “I’ll always be here, I was Bonded to your mother then she died, now I’m bonded to you, and I’ll follow you everywhere you go.”

She started to run to her daughter’s room but felt a sharp pain in her lower back, a knife. She fell to the floor not able to move.  Billy stood over her watching as she died slowly and painfully, fighting for her next breath of air. Then Billy went to the next room where Harley laid still and asleep.  He couldn’t bring himself to kill her, so he left her.  When Harley woke up and saw what had happened, she screamed, the neighbors heard and came running over to the house.  They called the cops and CPS to come and get the little girl.  Harley now stays in an orphanage.  She’s almost 9 years old, and she's picked on.  She has no  friends so she sits in the library all by herself, until one day  a little boy with torn overalls and brown hair comes and sits next to her.

“ What's your name?” she asked

“Billy.” he said with a thick southern accent.

“Do you want to be my friend?” she asked, hopefully staring into his bright green eyes. 

“Sure.” he replied.  A terribly horrid smile spreading across his face.       

The author's comments:

My name is Rylee, I am 15 and wrote this peice in october.

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on Apr. 1 at 1:39 pm
living-dead-girl-666 SILVER, Coffeyville, Kansas
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Wow, really cool story little predicting but other than that amazing story!

rtrimue BRONZE said...
on Apr. 1 at 10:07 am
rtrimue BRONZE, Paragould, Arkansas
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"Life is a rollercoaster. All you can do is sit back and enjoy the ride."

Loved it! The ending was so so good! There was some grammar and punctuation issues, but overall a really good story!