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He was a stranger

February 24, 2023
By Bethanblack PLATINUM, Kington, Please Select
Bethanblack PLATINUM, Kington, Please Select
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He was a stranger. A dark haired stranger who didn't exactly catch my eye at first. Why would he? Just another prisoner of the school system, everyone has been. Most people will be. I suppose the only time he truly caught my eye was in chemistry. Ironic isn't it? Perhaps the only reason I noticed him was because he was my chemistry partner but as soon as we begun to talk , I was hooked. When he talked to me ,it was often about geeky stuff but I didn't mind it. It was quite cute. Once he got onto star trek ,his hair would bounce as he became more and more hyped up about having someone to talk to about it .Not that he got many responses from me as I had never watched it before. It took us 6 months to confess and acknowledge our feelings for one another. But when we did, I felt a joy I rarely felt. The joy of love. "Nat stop it!" I told him through smiling cheeks. "Or whaaaaat!" He emphasized the a in the what in a very annoying way. Taking a look at my face once again, he changed the subject. "Okay well …." He searched for what to tell me ," I'm joining the rugby team!". "No your not!"I grinned, "you wouldn't stand a chance!". He nodded, "Now that you've said that I'm gonna try out!" He was true to his word and joined the next day. That's when the changes began. He stopped being the kind and loving person I have always known and began to treat me as though I was somebody to submit to his every whim. And he never had time for me because he'd rather hang out with the other rugby players. And the situation got worse and worse. One day he had his mates over at my house when he called out my name. " Alice , go get us a couple of beers yeh?" He chuckled with his friends. Livid I snarled, "No! Get it yourself you lazy lummox!". He smiled a strained smile and turned back to his friends. Once they had all left , he turned back at me and snarled, "You humiliated me today!". "Maybe you shouldn't have been such a jerk!" I yelled , full of hatred for the boy that stood before me. And then he slapped me across the face , something the old him would never have done. He was a stranger.

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